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Wawancara al-Qatani di al-Jazeera : 6 juta Muslim Afrika pindah ke Kristen per tahun..??

Soal wawancara lengkap antara al-Qatani dengan al-Jazeera bisa dilihat transkripnya disini :

Benar seperti dugaan saya bahwa angka 6 juta Muslim yang murtad ke Kristen di Afrika setiap tahun bukanlah berdasarkan suatu penelitian ilmiah, misalnya berdasarkan sensus, karena setahu saya belum pernah ada sensus yang diadakan tentang berapa jumlah pemeluk suatu agama yang berpindah ke agama lain, karena itu sangat sulit untuk dilakukan. Biasanya suatu sensus hanya mengungkapkan perkembangan jumlah pemeluk agama suatu negara/wilayah dari tahun ke tahun tanpa bisa menyatakan apakah pertambahan atau pengurangan jumlah yang terjadi karena adanya perpindahan agama, kemungkinan tersebut hanya bisa diasumsikan. Dalam wawancara tersebut juga tidak pernah diungkapkan apakah Qatani melakukan penelitian diseluruh wilayah Afrika, memeriksa setiap catatan jemaah gereja dan mesjid (malah biasanya mesjid tidak akan ada catatan dari orang-orang yang biasanya melakukan ibadah disana), atau melakukan sensus diseluruh wilayah Afrika.

Lalu darimana al-Qatani menemukan jumlah 6 juta Muslim telah murtad menjadi Kristen di Afrika..????

Ternyata dia melakukan asumsi berdasarkan fakta tentang kekejaman penguasa-penguasa Kristen di beberapa negara Afrika, yang melakukan pemaksaan dan pembunuhan rakyatnya yang beragama Islam, coba lihat apa yang dia kemukakan :

Maher Abdallah: So 6 million Muslims a year convert?

Ahmad Al Katani: Every year … In the African nations this century a tragedy happened. Take for example what happened in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an Arab nation and I am not saying a muslim nation. If any student looks up the word Habasha (Ethiopia) in the book Ocean Dictionary written by Al-Fairuz Abady, he will find that the word Habashat means “people of different tribes” and this is what happened. Ethiopia was a place where Arabs from different tribes would go to live for a while. We all know that Islam entered Ethiopia before Islam entered the city of Medina. We all know that AL-Najashy (the ruler of Ethiopia) was a Muslim. It is mentioned by Al-Darkatny in his biography of the prophet — Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him — that during the month of Rajab in the 9th year of the Hijra (Muslim calendar) that the prophet said to his companions: “Rise up and pray on your brother Al-Najashy.” From that year on the practice of praying on the absent was established. Therefore from the time of the prophet — Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him — Islam entered Ethiopia. So what has happened to Ethiopia?

What happened is that in the days of Emperor Hela Silasi who used to force Muslims to bow to the Christian, and if he refused then he was whipped 45 lashes and jailed between 2 and 5 years. In the year 1948, a massacre occurred at the hands of the Amharic tribes; the Amharic being Christians and collaborators, who continued to slaughter Muslims for 7 months and perform the most horrific acts imaginable. For example they deprived them from the most basic human rights, to the point that they mutilated the male Muslim’s reproductive organs so that no more Muslim children would be born. Ethiopia was rewarded after all these horrific acts; rewarded by being made the head quarters of the African Unity League.

Let us move to another location in Africa, let it be Nigeria. Nigeria is known by Muslims by the name of the Land of Takror. Nigeria was founded at the beginning of the last century by the British, and many Islamic sources mention it’s name as the Land of Tekror. There is even a letter by the reciter Suyuti, who died in the year 911 Hijri, where the title is: Opening the blessed request and relating the hidden openly to the questions of the people of Takror. So there was an established relationship, and they used to send questions to the scholars of Islam, so this letter (of questions) was sent from one of the sheikh scholars of Nigeria that was called Takror to the Muslim scholar AL Suyuti in Egypt and he in turn responded and the contents of this letter are published and printed and is found in the book “The collection Islamic decrees”.

Nigeria’s population is 120 million people, 70% of whom are Muslim. In the 1960′s a British missionary came and declared that he will Christianize North Nigeria, the majority of whom are Muslim. As a result, Ahmad Banulo (from the leaders of the Msulims) was forced at the time to move him to Lagos the capital. As a result the butcher Arorese, that was present at the time, eliminated all the Muslim rulers and killed Ahmad Banulo, why? Because he merely dared to move this missionary who declared that he wishes to Christianize North Nigeria.

In another country, Zanzibar, is an Arabic African nation and I am not saying Muslim. Zanzibar was always connected to the Sultanate of Oman (in the Persian Gulf). Concerning Zanzibar, there was a priest by the name Julius Niriry, president of Tanzania, who annihilated 20,000 Muslims (male and female) with a military force lead by a chicken thief. This thief was imprisoned for being accused of stealing chickens; he was released and asked to command the military brigade that annihilated 20,000 Muslims.

What I wanted to say is that these military expeditions and wars paved the way for what we are seeing today; converting 6 million Muslims every year did not happen from nothing, but was a result of what I mentioned earlier.

As for the topic of necessity exploitation, then a nation like Somalia, whose population is 9.5 million people, are all Muslim without exception. There are no Christians or pagans. And if you did find any then they are an insignificant number that are not even on official statistics. A Belgian missionary by the name of Sabeh came to Somalia and purchased 30,000 Muslim youth, he took advantage of their parents poverty, and we all know the terrible situation that Somalia is going through now and what it went through a few years ago. This is taking advantage of a humanitarian need that any human can go through.

Maher Abdallah: (interrupting) Excuse me, what do you mean purchased?

Ahmad Al Katani: You know that the current laws forbid trading in slaves, but I can’t find another expression to use. The man asked (from the country of Belgium) approximately forty million dollars or slightly less and it (Belgium) hurried in sending the money to him out of fear that this opportunity will be lost. Belgium sent the money in a very short time, and he (the missionary) paid this money to the parents of the youth and I can only call it buying and selling, there is no other name for it. The result was that 30,000 children were made Christian and baptized in the churches. I say this with all regret, but these children are now adults. This event occurred a number of years ago and these youth are now adults and what is more dangerous is that these people will return to their families; some of them have already returned indeed and others will return. This tragedy happened in Somalia, people’s poverty was taken advantage of and this humiliation happened in front of the eyes of on lookers.

Berdasarkan peristiwa seperti inilah kemudian al-Qatani memperkirakan bahwa 6 juta Muslim telah berpindah ke Kristen. Jadi jumlah tersebut bukan berdasarkan fakta ilmiah misalnya melalui sensus penduduk, karena sekali lagi, belum pernah ada sensus dimanapun yang tujuannya menghitung jumlah penduduk yang berpindah agama, bahkan di negara yang kemampuan sensus dan pengumpulan datanya sangat canggih seperti negara Eropa dan AS.

Lalu darimana al -Qatani menyimpulkan bahwa jumlah tersebut merupakan konversi dari Islam..?? bukan dari agama lain..??

Ternyata ini juga berdasarkan asumsi :

Maher Abdallah (interrupting): Hold on! Let me clarify. Do we have 6 million converting from Islam to Christianity or converting from Islam and other religions?

Ahmad Al Katani: Great (question)! The other religions are not placed on the list of Christianization; rather they are placed on the list of evangelization. The other religion in Africa is paganism; so it’s Islam, Christianity or paganism. There isn’t something similar to Asia for example where you have Buddhism or Zoroastrianism. In Africa it is just these three, so if you talk about Christianization then it targets the only other heavenly religion which is Islam. As for paganism, those people worship animals and planets and the like.

Dikarenakan diwilayah Afrika hanya ada 3 ajaran, Kalau bukan Islam dan Kristen, maka itu adalah Paganisme, tidak seperti di Asia yang memiliki puluhan agama. Lalu Qatani mengasumsikan bahwa kalau dinamakan kegiatan Kristenisasi maka itu tujuannya adalah umat Islam, bukan Paganisme.

Berdasarkan asumsi tersebutlah lalu muncul pernyataan : 6 juta orang pertahun telah murtad dari Islam menjadi Kristen.

Kalau kita perhatikan dengan seksama semua isi wawancara dari al-Qatani ini, sebenarnya beliau terlihat sangat cerdik memanfaatkan al-Jazeera yang merupakan siaran televisi mendunia untuk menyampaikan pesan-pesan beliau :

1. Pengungkapan angka yang bombastis ini bertujuan untuk menggugah semangat kaum Muslim terutama orang-orang Arab kaya yang selama ini sudah salah sasaran membelanjakan duitnya, bukan untuk menyebarkan ajaran Islam di Afrika, berbeda dengan apa yang dilakukan Kristen :

Ahmad Al Katani: When it come to the wealthy Arabs and Muslims we are in great shape. We are talking about individual Arabs and I am not talking about entire Arab nations, the wealth of the individual Arabs can be estimated at around 600 billion dollars. So if we assume that these people pay the religious contribution known as Zakat (2.5% of income) that gives us 15 billion dollars annually. I am sure that if this religious contribution was gathered and given to the Muslim missionary groups that know how to work well, then we will not leave a place in Africa for Christians to have any missionary activity. The problem with the wealthy Arab is that he doesn’t direct his effort to the Islamic cause at all, while in Europe all the income that the churches receive is from individual contributions. When it comes to having wealthy Arabs, we are doing fine. However, it seems that these wealthy Arabs don’t care about these issues at all; knowing that a quarter of the religious contributions should go to those whose hearts can be swayed. This was done during the days of the prophets — Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. However, the rightly guided caliph Omar stopped this practice. When Islam gained a lot of adherents, the caliph Omar stopped spending money on those whose hearts can be swayed. Now in Africa there are rulers of tribes, kings of tribes who have a lot of influence on their followers, so what is stopping us these days from using some of the religious contribution to spend on these types of people over there?

Ahmad Al Katani: This happens often! The wealthy Arab builds a mosque for himself or one of his parents of his friend, but my dear sir, building a mosque comes as a second stage. In America, the price of building an Islamic school is 5 million dollars. In Africa, 50 thousand dollars are enough to build a very reasonably sized school. I say this and I take full responsibility for it; building a school comes before building a mosque. Build the worshiper before you build the mosque. Take for example yourself; you go to the mosque five times a day and if you added all that time it would equal an hour or maybe two hours if you include the Friday prayer. However, if I ask you how long you stayed at school, you will reply that you spent years in middle school and years in high school. Likewise the African goes to the mosque, but if we built him a school where he could spend most of his time, and provided specialized educators we could at least stop this dangerous Christian missionary octopus.

2. Memanfaatkan al-Jazeera untuk mempermalukan dunia Kristen dengan mengungkapkan fakta bagaimana kegiatan Kristenisasi di Afrika dilakukan dengan cara kekejaman, pembunuhan, penindasan, dll. Ini terungkap ketika beliau menjawab pertanyaan seorang pemirsa Kristen yang membangga-banggakan ajaran kasih yang ada dalam kekristenan :

Ahmad Al Katani: George, to start off I would like to thank you for your etiquette and your pleasant manner that you spoke with. Secondly, I don’t blame the Christians and I personally have many Christian friends; I respect them and they respect me and I would like to add you to that list if you don’t mind. Thirdly, I have not talked and Allah willing, I will not talk about Christianity as a religion. I am talking about Christianization, which is taking muslims out of Islam by taking advantage of certain circumstances and making them Christian. As for your saying that the Middle East is bloody with murder committed by the Muslim brotherhood, and you can even say that “The Part of Allah — Hezbolla” commits these acts, I know all what is said, this is not true.

This type of talk, if you don’t mind me saying, is simply untrue. Please allow me to say this and accept what I am about to say, that there isn’t in the world anyone who sheds more blood than the Christians. You are an exception; you and pure people like yourself. For example, you are aware that mixed marriages between Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox are not conducted. Can there be any more separation than this? You also know what happened when the French Catholics annihilated thousands of Protestants. You also know that John F. Kennedy, the only Catholic to be elected a US President was assassinated because he was a Catholic. You are also aware that Nicaragua, which is a Catholic Christian nation, executed six missionary monks even though the Pope was intending to visit that country and he did visit it. You are also aware that in Ireland today battles are waged everyday, killing every day, to the point that even children are killing children between Catholics and Protestants.

Maher Abdallah: Alright our Sheikh, allow me …

Ahmad Al Katani: Please let me finish brother Maher; may Allah bless you. The honored sir also knows that a Catholic does not pray inside an Orthodox Church or a Protestant church. My dear sir, Time magazine reported in December of 1982 that 126 Protestant missionaries were killed in Colombia, which is a Catholic nation. It also closed 279 schools and 60 Protestant churches in South America.

Saya menilai al-Qatani disini sangat mengagumkan ketika melalui pengungkapan angka yang fantastis, dia berhasil mencapai 2 sasaran dengan satu kali pukul, bahkan kemudian angka yang dikemukakannya tersebut tidak lagi menjadi fokus pertanyaan dari pemirsa, tapi pertanyaan lebih banyak terkait dengan usaha Kristenisasi dan bagaimana cara menghadapinya.

Persoalan statistik perkembangan jumlah pemeluk suatu agama memang merupakan hal yang sangat menarik, terutama dalam diskusi lintas agama, karena angka-angka yang dikemukakan bisa dijadikan alat untuk ‘menggoyangkan’ posisi lawan, sekalipun semua tahu bahwa angkat tersebut dipastikan bukan diambil berdasarkan fakta yang akurat, melainkan semuanya berupa asumsi. Paling bisa yang dilakukan orang adalah menghitung persentase jumlah penduduk disatu negara/wilayah dengan melihat perkembangannya dari tahun ke tahun, lalu diasumsikan apakah hal tersebut terjadi karena perpindahan agama.

Biasanya indikasi apakah suatu pemeluk agama bertambah atau berkurang adalah dengan melihat kegiatan keagamaan yang dilakukan. Ketika gereja yang dulunya selalu penuh di Eropah dan AS sekarang menjadi kosong, bahkan terhenti kegiatannya, maka kita bisa menilai pemeluk Kristen sudah meninggalkan agama mereka, entah pindah ke agama lain atau menjadi atheis. Demikian pula sebaliknya, apabila jumlah pengunjung mesjid (khususnya waktu shalat Jum’at karena ibadah tersebut diwajibkan dilakukan di mesjid bagi Muslim laki-laki, sedangkan shalat 5 waktu bsia dilakukan dirumah) berkurang, bahkan ada masjid yang dulunya ramai sekarang menjadi sepi, maka disimpulkan pemeluk Islam sudah meninggalkan agama mereka. (Dalam wawancara tersebut, al-Qatani tidak pernah menyinggung data tentang berapa jumlah mesjid yang ditutup di Afrika). Indikasi lain terkait dengan Islam misalnya, apakah penganut Islam yang melakukan ibadah haji setiap tahunnya makin berkurang atau bertambah, kalau makin bertambah dipastikan jumlah pemeluk Islam juga bertambah. Faktanya memang pemerintah Arab Saudi harus berpikir keras untuk makin memperluas Masjidil Haram yang tidak sanggup lagi menampung kedatangan jamaah haji, bahkan terpaksa harus menetapkan kuota bagi tiap-tiap negara.

Maka persoalan angka 6 juta Muslim yang murtad ke Kristen dalam wawancara tersebut menurut saya merupakan panggung informasi yang telah dimainkan al-Qatani dengan piawai.

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